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Hijacked by Maca on LR's Account...

Funny word, that commitment...

If someone is committed to being a good friend, no one interprets that as not having any other friends.
Where does the term "BEST FRIEND " come into play? I agree that it dosent mean you cant have ANY other friends but there is the almighty "BEST FRIEND"

If someone is committed to being a good student, it doesn't mean they won't do any learning outside of school.
Again I agree but why do we pick a major? And once we have picked a major we gear our learning towards that field.Even after finishing school the direction we gravitate towards for further learning is influenced by a commitment to a direction of learning.

If someone is committed to being a good parent, it doesn't mean they might not adopt or foster other children.
When it comes to children I totally agree. Once you have a child I believe that you no longer have an option to commiting your self to there well being.Also if you make a choice to adopt then you are commiting that same commitment that you would to a natural born( by you) child.

So why does commitment in marriage carry this association with exclusivity?
It only carries that association to exclusivity if that is what YOU believe it means to you. Every person is different and has a right to decide for themselves what the commitment of marriage meansto them.

The default legal vows where I live include the exclusion of all others. I actually feel that the ceremony and vows themselves were just a formality.
Where you live is it not allowed to write your own vows? I dont know all the laws in the different parts of the world, but if it is legal then why would you say " I DO" when you do not believe in that? If it is the law then back to my first post that I made on this thread. Why get married? I can understand if it was for financial or security purposes but if you ( by law) have to agree to something that you dont believe in why do that??

Just someofmy thoughts. Im by no means arguring with you or saying that your opinion'sdont matter. Im only trying to get a better understanding.


We were already committed before we made it formal. Getting married wasn't even a legal issue because of Canada's common-law legislation, we already shared every right given to married folk.
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