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Originally Posted by RunicWolf View Post
They make moisture resistant drywall. It's what should be in your bathroom if your house was built in the past few years.
They do. Too bad the previous owners didn't use any of it in the cellar (although with the amount of moisture that was trapped there, it may not have done any good after a while).

Wooden studs that were on the concrete floor around the sump pump were rotted (blackened and softened to the point where I could just kick them out to remove them), and the remaining drywall had gotten mold blooms on it. Insulation was a blackened nightmare. Yuck.

Electrical got cleared up as well, after P griped about what a hack job it was (maybe a DIY job from someone who knew just enough, but didn't know code). Wiring is much neater down there and we've gone from five separately switched lighting areas to two. Whee!

Cellar is now completely gutted after finding more mold in a corner we thought was unaffected. I guess there is no "unaffected" when it comes to a moldy cellar. Silly me. The Shop-Vac got a workout vacuuming up all the crud, and now the dehumidifier is running, getting the basement down to 20% humidity or less so we can spray concrobium and kill the mold dead once and for all.

I even bought the goggles, gloves, shoe covers, and plastic suits that go over your clothes. All out mold killing frenzy. I'm inclined to post pics.
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