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Just wanted to make a note of some interesting things that I've heard about my ex-boyfriend. The other night at trivia, he told my husband that he thought my new haircut was great and that I was looking really good. D said he was very surprised, because they weren't talking about me at all, and there was nothing that he could see had prompted him to start a conversation about me. Whatever. This was the guy who told me I was overweight and very unattractive to him, and that he had been forcing himself to try and like me.

Then, when I was at the WarMachine overnight, he brought my son home from work (he is buddy-buddy with my 24 year old son and my husband!). Apparently he made comments then about me being out all night with a guy. Again, whatever.

M says he thinks my ex is regretting breaking up with me and wants me back. I don't think that is the case. I think he is just amazed I have been able to keep M interested. Like, he doesn't want to date me, but he thinks I should stay monogamous with D.
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