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Default been a min. sorry

to begin let me clear up a slip(major slip). i had seen bubby twice not once. a verry verry important day(im suprised she never brought it up). i did go down to visit bubby and fiancee at their place of residence. =) it was mine and fiancee's first time to meet up in person. we planned the meetup whilst bubby's baby bubby was out with family, to keep the meet simple. a planned 2 hour meet turned into a more of a 6 hour stay, so not only did i meet fiancee i also got to meet baby bubby (uber bubbly). it was a most wonderfull day in my book. everyone was very ... behaved? lol not that we all were planning a masacre, well my brother here totally was angry it got planned while he has his boy(he thought id need back up lol).

something else needed to be clarified. though, i visit few of mine and far between. i have a family both blood and non- that so far i have found is like few others i have ever met. from the begining ive had open discusions with all my brothers(5) only ones blood and he is actually my uncle =P and my father. the women of my family are very outspoken so i did choose to wait till i see them in person to explain my state of engagement =). i say unlike others because they all are very open minded and vocal. so up here i have a fiercely built support group to talk to. where as bubby and fiancee do not have such a network. thats a story in itself, wrought with every terrible incedent anyone of us can ever recall in our lives when trusting another, cept it seemed to happen everytime.

now i am sorry for not picking up story sooner, harsh week (ima post on general for thoughts and to be rheemed).
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