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Originally Posted by emmiska View Post
He said that he was very fine with me and her being best friends that have sex from time to time but he didn't want us being lovers. (And he doesn't have any objections for continuing the 3somes.)
What's the difference between 'best friends that have sex from time to time' and 'being lovers?'

As to the rest, it's a tempest in a teapot.

What are your goals in life--apart from having sex with this woman? Apart from sex and relationships in general? Do you have an education, a job, a career? Do you work for any charities or help underprivileged children or pack food at Feed My Starving Children? Do you look at the people who cross your path each day and think how you can leave someone else's life a little brighter? Do you have any hobbies or interests? What do you believe is the purpose of life? At the end of your days, what do you want to look back on? What will make you feel you have lived well?

Start thinking about these things, and you may find that the answers to this problem solve themselves.
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