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Default Ugh

So, this is me just here to find a hug or three.

Today went SPECTACULARLY badly. (There are logistics to our breakup even though we weren't living together, and we're currently dealing with them).

I am incredibly hurt. I knew there wasn't parity between the relationships (which, of course, was the problem), but today...just, wow. Essentially, in a last-ditch to save the relationship, I was asked to step back from being serious, accept secondary (or, preferably, less) status, give up my lifestyle for hers...the list goes on. Oh, and to not resent it. It was put somewhat more nicely than that, sort of, by being put in such a way that it seemed like it was being offered to me because I was just so special that he didn't want to lose me and was doing everything he could to keep us together, and wanted to honor his commitment to she an I both (he'd asked me to marry him--again, not legally, but as legal as we could make it).

Seriously, I feel like I've been kicked in the gut. Twice.
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