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I will be seeing my ex in a little under three weeks for my best friend's vow renewal weekend. I will be discussing this as the time gets closer. I want to avoid the awkward energy or run-ins, but DH and Si in close proximity with some bad blood still brewing between them is not going to be an easy feat. He will look through her, but she gets something out of provoking and irritating him. For that reason alone, I am on the fence about bringing our children to the reception because they could very well be a trigger for Si. Who is to say that she might not feel inclined to speak to either of them? Duckie #1's attitude towards her and DH's protectiveness may not be conducive to being around someone like Si. I have a bad feeling about it. They will be at the ceremony as we are all part of it. They might have to miss the reception, though. We will decide how to proceed within the next week.

I just hope it stays peaceful. He is not the confrontational type, but judging by recent behaviour, she can be. The only fireworks I want to see are the ones during the reception. I am praying that she will not cause a scene. We have had no contact since the day I decided to eliminate the possibility of us ever being friends. The day is not about us and all of our past drama. Civility and maturity will be tested, though.

I do know that I will not be asking DH to lay off on the PDA because of her feelings. Major lesson learned from the weekend in Northumberland. Never will I ever do that again. He can rest assured.
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