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Default Mis-read texts


Maca sends me a text that is pretty long, ends with "Need to shower and do laundry and cook"

I read cock.

My brain auto piloted (as my eyebrows went through the roof) to "well fuck. That wasn't a shock I was expecting to face while he was working in Kodiak."

I HAD brought up to him when he left the question of whether he was sticking to HIS personal current rule of no dating (he had expressed after the last fiasco that he needs to not date for awhile) in Kodiak or if I should expect that to change since he was going to be gone 6/8 weeks for 8-9 months.
He was adamant that he's not ready to deal with the headache or heartache of failed tries right now and therefore had no intention of dating.

After he'd been there for awhile, I vaguely brought up the question of going out sometime for a Saturday night (his only day off is Sunday), dancing or bowling or whatever. He again brought up that he just really doesn't want to dick with the headache or heartache of failed efforts with someone and added that he was REALLY not interested in even seeing if there was potential, because in the long run, it would be a long distance relationship and he wasn't up for that at all.

He did agree that he needed to be able to get out of the apartment and get a break. He's managed to come up with alternative ideas. Cool.

So my thought process wasn't TOTALLY out of sync with the situation or scenarios (thought of not thinking that I was going to have to deal with that). Especially since he is HETERO HETERO HETERO with no flexible options.

But OMG it was SO FUNNY!
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