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yes. assumptions.. so much fun.
I prefer too much communication over too little as well.
Its SO EASY to say "ok, break, my ears are over limit".
But how does one know when to say (before a crisis) "um... hey is there something you haven't told me but should?"


Maca and I made way too many assumptions when we got together. Figuring all of them out (and then, the dramatic problems that they caused) so we could fix shit-was a FIASCO.

We had different working definitions for love, affection, hope, work, family, home, care, attention, quality time.....
I mean really-it's a wonder we survived the first 10 years at all!

Once we figured out that we were coming from (TOTALLY) different worlds; we were able to plan a joint venture. Talk about EYE OPENING!

Poor GG was stuck watching the whole thing play out, not really sure where it went awry, but knowing something was off.

Learn from mistakes. Learn from mistakes.
Now, I say everything and ask for everything to be said. Sometimes it's probably too much. But at least this way we aren't walking around like morons with our heads stuck in the ground, thinking we're going one place together and actually digging trenches to different places all on our own!
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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