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I tell my partners everything.
If I meet someone at school-and we say hello, I tell them.
If I have coffee with someone or I have a conversation with someone in line at the coffee shop, I tell them.
If I am even remotely attracted to someone I may never speak to-I tell them.

But-I damn sure tell them before I ever consider asking someone on a date or accepting an invite.
I keep them up to date along the way.

So for example, last October I met a lady at an event and for a joint interest purpose we exchanged email addresses. GG was actually with me and saw the sparks fly. But, I had told Maca about meeting her, before the event was over. We talked via text.
I talked with them in depth before I ever emailed her or made any remark to her about interest.
I kept them posted when I decided to ask her to go for a walk.
Also when I dropped a "thank you" card for her at her work after she helped me find some books I was looking for.
They knew before we went on any dates and when we went on dates, they knew how it went.
They were the first to know when I realized that she wasn't any longer a potential, just a friend.

I find that fully open communication is the level of depth I prefer in any relationship. I want to know my partners can tell me anything at all and vice versa. So, I keep them up to date with what is going on in my head from "WOW look at that hair" all the way through whatever else might come of the thought.

Keeping current relationships strong and fully involved is a critical component to being able to be free and easy. For me.
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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