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Re (from Murasaki):
"Re: 'It has occurred to me to check and see if my prior posts would be tweaked at all by my particular situation, as you intimated, Murasaki.'
For the record I made that suggestion because reading your remarks gave me the impression that they were geared towards a married couple seeking a single. Which on the surface does seem to fit in your situation. I also felt that your wording was more looking at things as the Married couple being of the unicorn hunting variety, and I didn't believe you were anyone's Unicorn.
Perhaps my word choices were taken more aggressively then I intended. If offense was taken, none was intended."
No offense taken. I think I started out with the idea that since I am the unmarried person in my V, I am like the "would-be unicorn" to my two married companions. Of course, that would only fit the stereotype if we were a triad, I were a bi female, and my companions were a bi and hetero female and male respectively. So I'm not really a "unicorn," but I made comparisons to fit for the sake of argument.

At the time it hadn't occurred to me to compare our V to a "couple with privelage." The only difference is that there are three of us instead of two -- and yes, we are poised to exercise a certain amount of privelage (over a newcomer). One lesson to learn is that perhaps we, too, a trio, should be prepared to have some flexibility, should a fourth person ever come into our life.

Re (from LovingRadiance):
"Too many people make the assumption that their ideas are everyone's ideas. Dangerous path!"
Indeed. As are almost all assumptions. I'll take "too much communication" any day over the risk of too little. Heh. Remember when NASA bungled a Mars mission because some of the planners were "assuming" English measurements while others were "assuming" metric measurements? A little extra communication could have saved everyone a whole lot of time, effort, and money.
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