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M won the WarMa event and I learned lots! It was a lot of anxiety for me at first, because it was a room full of guys and I'd only played a few times previously. So, I felt like everyone was watching me. As the night progressed though, I didn't much care anymore. Lol I made tons of stupid mistakes, but I can say that I felt that during the very last game, I started feeling confident. Yay me!

M is planning to come over on Wednesday and bring his Khador army, because at the moment, that is who I think I am most interested in purchasing myself. We will see!

I met a really nice younger guy last night. I felt like we hit it off well - he was very friendly and gave me good advice. He made some jokes about me being poly and told me he had an SUV right outside. Heh. I told him that poly doesn't mean promiscuous. Honestly, he was young and very nerdy, but geeky guys have always appealed to me. That said, it wasn't even real flirting, and don't anticipate anything coming of our meeting. M and I joked about this guy liking me on the beginning of our drive home though. It felt nice to feel attractive, even if it was to a tabletop gaming.guy.

The rest of the drive home didn't go as well as we were both exhausted. I had to pullover and let M drive. After we got to his house, he made me promise to go to the park and ride and sleep some in my van before going home, but I didn't. In retrospect, I absolutely should have, but I made it home ok. D said I was crying, emotional and insistent that he message M and tell him that I was home safe, and that there were hobos at the park and ride. Then apparently I passed out in the bed almost instantly.

Guess pulling overnighters isn't something I can do with gracefulness anymore.

D was upset and wanted to know why I wouldn't go sleep on M's couch - how could he just let me leave when I was clearly in no shape to drive? I told him the truth - M's wife has been very clear that she is uncomfortable with the idea of me being in her house because she is self-conscious about their housing being less than ideal. D said he thought it would have been less than ideal if I had wrecked the van. I told him though, that the decision to drive in that state was my own and to not be upset.

I definitely won't be doing that again though. Holy crap. Next time, hotel all the way!
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