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I like the color theme. That's very cool.

Maca and GG picked their own names on here, so I was kind of stuck with those lol.
The kids are all some sort of pea. LOL.
Spicy Pea (cause she's part Puerta Rican) (never can spell that)
Salty Pea (it fits his personality)
Split Pea (he's my Godson and has been split between families)
Sweet Pea (This is how it started, that was always his nickname)
Sour Pea (cause she had major digestion issue as a baby and we nicknamed her that)

Now the grandson is Little P. Because when he was born I was so excited and wanted to announce it and that is what popped in my head.
But Maca started calling him Peanut and it stuck, so when his baby brother was born we started calling him Cashew.

So NOW the grand babies are nuts.
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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