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Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
Maca's definition of marriage leaves no room for ANYONE but husband and wife 100% committed to one another.
And yet again me your hubby are alike. Because of this I have a hard time with the concept of marriage in multi-partner non-monogamous relationships. I fully realize that this is mostly conditioning but regardless, it does not mean I can just turn these feelings off anymore than someone can turn off the love for a wayward child.

At one time I would have said I could just play the part and act my way through a ceremony but that is not the case. When I understand the concept of non-monogamous vows within my heart, then I will be ready to say them. This is not one sided either. As hard as it is to say, hearing Redpepper say vows to me would be the same..I would wonder what they meant and what power they have. What difference would they make to us and those who witnessed them?

And this does not even touch on the affects of what my family/friends would be thinking. Essentially I would be getting an unknown validation from the community I barely understand. The community I do understand would probably judge and see it nothing more as an excuse to get drunk and three drinks into it there would be a fight.

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