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Default Why do people make such big deals at certain body parts? Why so much self hatred?

I just saw a series of pictures that move where a woman takes out her breasts and rubs them in public stores and this is what I thought and said:

I like to do this some times to, not a big deal, nothing out of the ordinary here.~ Men whip out their Gorilla chests all the time and Iíve seen obese men with bigger breasts than these, what the fuck is the difference?~

I guess it's a cultural thing, because in some if not many middle-eastern countries showing your ankles is considered indecent.~

But why, why so much hate for others and so much self-hatred, why does this exist and why has it existed for 1,000's of years in our Human species' history?~

It seems like such a HUGE waste of energy and time, why hate every thing so much?~
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