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I'm doing...alright. I blew my knee out several weeks back and I'm finally walking, albeit with pain, without a brace/support. As long as I remember to take my Motrin I'm okay. I had to miss 2 weeks of work, which hurt financially.

On a poly note, I met someone at a local gathering. She and I are getting along smashingly. She's smart, kinda geeky/nerdy, already poly. Downside is that I met her when she's having trouble with her boyfriend. I don't want to press because, honestly, I don't want to look like I'm trying to take advantage of her troubles. It's both wonderful and frustrating.

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And, as an aside, who the hell frames in an enclosure (in wood and drywall) around the sump pump? Gee, ya think that area might, ya know, GET WET ONCE IN A WHILE?
They make moisture resistant drywall. It's what should be in your bathroom if your house was built in the past few years.
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