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Mono you are too damn fast.
I read that and was SO ready to write a smart ass reply. (in a good way guys not a bad way).

I was trying to PICTURE a conversation between you two along those lines and it brought me a fresh (and much needed) giggle!

I never said a word to GG about it when we met, it was just reality and he picked up on how it went as he hung around.

My oldest daughter was SO accident prone. The number of times I ran out of work to meet her caretaker and her at the E.R. or ran out of the house rushing her to the E.R. UGH-we were just talking about that the other night!!

But no, nothing was laid out in a list of "rules". I think in some ways we're arguing semantics of terminology. When I say it's a rule for me, and for my relationships that my kids come first, it's kind of like saying "what goes up must come down" is the RULE of gravity. We don't have to agree to it, write it down or any of that, it's just the way it is.

Someone doesn't have to agree with my rule, but if they don't, they will leave me, because it's the "rule of LR's life"... just like "what goes up must come down" is "the rule of gravity".

"Love As Thou Wilt"
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