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Originally Posted by SeventhCrow View Post
To say that one or two of many are "poly" and the rest aren't is, well, absurd. You have many--which makes them all part of being poly--and some are closer and more intense than others.

I'm respectfully going to disagree on this point. Poly relationships are assumed to be based on a deeper emotional connection or love, which separates them from open relationships and swinging.. To say that they can be of various intensities and closeness is true, but eventually you could end up having such a lack of closeness that they are nothing more than fuck buddies. There is nothing wrong with that but I fail to see how those relationships fall under the umbrella of poly "amorous" and not just poly "sex play friends".

That doesn't mean the person isn't polyamorous but just identifies that some of their relationships are not polyamorous in nature. You could, and some people do, have poly relationships as well as casual or swing relationships.

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