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Originally Posted by SchrodingersCat View Post
Person A: "BLAH!"
Person B: "This is how I interpreted blah, but I could be wrong, can you elaborate?"
Person A: "oh, that's not what I mean, I meant this"
Person B: "ahh! I see now, thank you for clarifying that."

..... other people post 10,000 words on how their post was misinterpreted and how this misinterpretation was CLEARLY an attack on my opinion and how dare you accuse me of saying such a horrible thing?
I have made this argument ad nauseam every single time someone has accused me of attacking them for having an opinion about something. Believe me I understand this dynamic.

Originally Posted by SchrodingersCat View Post
The real question is, why are giving power over your emotions away to a bunch of strangers on the internet?
I don't. Which is why I have a high tolerance for hostile environments. That doesn't mean that I don't find hypocrisy frustrating and it doesn't mean that I should be silent about ignorance and hurtful assumptions. I don't hold my personal hurt as the reason for calling that out. I hold my principles of anti-oppression and open honest expression as my reasons for calling it out. My own personal experience with how that has been received has been quite negative on many occasions. When I'm talking about that here, I'm pointing out the issues I have with it, not giving over my emotions to strangers on the internet.

Originally Posted by SchrodingersCat View Post
No one can make you get angry. You can choose to get mad, or you can choose to be amused. I used to let people's ignorance anger me, then I realized how much pain and anguish that caused me, and so I started taking everything I read online with a grain of salt. So as someone who's gone from letting you all [i.e. the population of the internet] get to me to someone who lets you all amuse me, I can very honestly say this is a lot less stressful.
I suggest you look at my posting history to get a clearer idea of where I'm coming from. This is another argument I've made ad nauseam when I've been accused of being insensitive. I have *never* held anyone on this forum responsible for my feelings and I have frequently commented on the folly of doing so. This is a lifestories and blog section, which you may notice I rarely post in because I respect that it's a place for people to air out their own feelings. I posted here because Joreth's frustrations with the culture of this forum echo my frustrations and I saw nothing wrong with expressing that. I'm not *angry* as much as tired of the same old shit over and over again. Plain and simple. This is an online forum that claims to be an open and welcoming forum. I'm merely pointing out that this probably isn't as much the reality of the situation that many would believe.
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