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Originally Posted by dingedheart View Post
Thank you for your kind critique ....and insulting attack. Aren't there rules on attacking members ?
OK. I didn't attack you. I commented on the flavor of your posts, not your character. I overstated by saying "all his posts," and I am sorry. I'd amend that to say "many" or "most."

So he/she didnt use it as therapy ....but accidental discovered it.
Well, you could say that. Using BDSM as therapy, you wouldn't say to your partner "Time for therapy, darling!" You just start playing and the result is, or can be, therapeutic. Just like in vanilla fucking, you don't necessarily go into it thinking, "I need stress relief," but one of the results of sex is stress relief. You might become conscious over time that sM, sex, exercise like running or racketball are stress relievers, but there are other reasons to enjoy these activities, of course. Like, they are fun.

simulating incest .....being totally controlled and fucked by " mommy " or "daddy " ... being a father ...having been called daddy dad I dont get it....I find it creepy. But thats just me each their own
To each their own indeed. You're vanilla, you got weirded out and hurt by the repurcussions of your wife's BDSM, so you come here to this thread with practitioners of BDSM to bash it and express your views. I guess you find this... therapeutic? Are you two still married? Have you had much talking therapy to heal from this?

I guess the age differences in the play partners might make a difference.
No, the age differences don't matter. Baby girls can have Daddies younger than them. Old sissies can have young Mistresses/Mamas. People have imaginations.

Mags what is the age difference between you and miss pixie?
I am 22 years older than miss pixi, but we don't do ageplay, so I don't see the relevance. I have ageplayed some, back in 2009-10 with one guy. I was his mama and he, though being a few years older than me, played my younger daughter. He was into a bit of cross dressing and very subbie.
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