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Yes - don't overshare sex details.

He does not NEED to hear them. He WANTS to hear them but then ends up all bent out of shape. Besides, you may not want to share them or your BF may not want to share them. The play-by-play of how a sex share went.

What he NEEDS to hear for sex health? Is to know who your other partner is, what your safer sex practices are, and what your std labs and your BF's std labs are. Then he can know how THAT relationship's sex health is affecting his OWN sex health and he can make informed decisions what he wants to expose himself to.

Maybe reassure him that you love him for HIMSELF and all he brings to the table. Then maybe list those qualities so that can ALSO reassure? As well as give him something else to focus on HE could do. He can't be your BF. But if you remind him you love him for bringing X, Y, Z to the table? Maybe that helps him refocus on doing X, Y, Z.


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