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Originally Posted by maca View Post

The thing is, other than the financial benifits and the security of the kids, What does being married matter? I will care and love for LR anyways. I'm committed to her and will remain so. So honestly, what besides mortal worldly benefits ,does a piece of paper and a ceremony mean?

Sorry if I sound cynical. I'm struggling with this concept right now and .......Just Dazed and Confused Life of Macao
Hey Brother, we all struggle with stuff. I also struggle with the concept of marriage and joining ceremonies. My traditional programming coupled with my mono nature makes it a very weird concept. Marriage and commitment in a public sense carries with it a one on one expectation and intimate/sexual exclusivity. I love RP in way I have never before and yet declaring that commitment leaves me baffled...what are we saying to ourselves and to those that would witness it? I love you? I say that every day, all day. That's why I am not in a rush to finalize my divorce even after 18 months of seperation. To me, I don't see how that will allow me to be any more committed. I'm committed now just as though we were married...but, I'm not contained by external forces which makes our relationship even more special in light of all the work we have put into it. I WANT TO BE HERE!

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