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Now, question, what if I agreed to stop seeking out dates, but I started developing a strong friendship with someone that I saw as potentially going further? Assuming this was during our agreed upon break. How would you treat that situation?
I would enjoy hanging out with my friend and wait til the dating break is over before pursuing them.

Or if I wanted to pursue it NOW, I would ask my existing poly partners if we could renegotiate the limit so I could date and pursue this person NOW.

... feel it's acceptable that I could be cut off, because the more established partner feels uncomfortable. It's nice to be reassured that a lot of people feel otherwise
Acceptable to WHO? If this is not acceptable to YOU? Speak up in your polyship!

Could be even better reassurance to tell your polypartners how you DO want to be treated and how you do NOT want be treated during times of relationship discomfort. And if things must end, how you want to be broken up with respectfully. Could they be willing to honor your preferences or not?

Then you could know what to expect. (I think that is all part of the get-to-know-each-other dance.)

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