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Back home after my regular Friday evening out with my boyfriend. It's been 2+ years now. Definitely there have been some rough patches, but we are in a very good phase right now. It really feels secure, stable, with a level of trust on both sides that it took us a while (and some missteps) to get to. He has become so much more open in talking about himself. Undoubtedly the fact that I am far more accepting of who he is now has helped, as has that I can ask questions without a constant subtext of insecurity.

Anyway, we are happy, we had fun, and it feels awesome to have managed to get here.

As a random aside, I have noticed that my (platonic) female friends have taken to saying 'love you'. And this is how I feel towards them as well, but it is also new; it was not a feature of friendships before. Interesting.
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