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Honestly it skeeves me out as well.

Asked him today before he headed into work what he would like to do for quality time with me.

He said he wanted alone time with me.... Well he gets that 3-4 days a week for several hours solo. No kids no one else. He has my undivided attention from 8 til 2 when he goes to work. I work part time midnights at an emergency vet clinic and I try to either do my personal assistant duties before he wakes up in the morning. I have to do a lot of business with Germany so working at 4am makes sense. My work stateside tends to be on weekends when both men are working. Or an overnight during the week. So He gets solo time with me daily. Murf has to share most of his with my children which HE NEVER complains about.

Butch ruins any quality moments by bringing up things he KNOWS makes me uncomfortable. It has been 12 years for Gods sake.
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