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Cool New and need help!!

Hello to everyone,

I'm Dean from Melbourne in Australia, I currently married and was recently on a adult site with me wife.
We have always been open to fun but recently I found myself meeting a older lady that I now have strong feelings for and her for me.

The new lady in my life suggested that a "Big Love" life style could be a option I wasn't even aware of "Big Love", I looked at a few episodes and realised this could be a great life style and all could be happy.

This is where it gets interesting me thinking my wife was very open minded as we'll and that if I could make both ladies happy it wouldn't be a problem, we'll my new lady and I decided that we should all meet and have a good time and take it from there we'll we did and we all drank to much we had a good time until my new lady was kissing me and my wife got jealous.
They have been out a two times since and I always get my wife saying stuff that to my new lady things to try and make her dislike me.

Besides all that my new lady and I still see each other and my wife knows she isn't really happy and recently my wife and I had a argument and she was telling me that it's not normal to think all three of us could be together in a relationship and that just because Muslims do it that it doesn't make it ok.

I think it's a great lifestyle and all can be happy can anyone help me.
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