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Thank you for the insightful replies. Special thank you for your post Galagirl. That is extremely helpful. Yes, the potential date was fully aware that I am seeing someone although at that time I was defining her as a friend. I'm not as sure what to call it now. We have never said "I love you" to each other but have sent hearts and texted the single word "love" or "with love". Of course, I've expressed how much I love being with her. From simply holding her hand to making love. I just didn't expect her to fall in love with me. I know she has.

Yeah, no commitment at this time aside from what I posted already. I'm good at meeting people too but cautious about getting close so really don't have many dates. She is my only lover now. We see each other almost everyday. We made love Tuesday. We made love Thursday. Three hours of sensuous loving bodyplay last night. I'm 49 ladies. I've been around and with some real gods and goddesses too and I can say that sex with her is precious. Above and beyond the ordinary. I'm not all that inclined to desire anything else when I've got it so good. I'm thankful for her.

I do like the advice that there is no rush. This is new to me and for her too.

It's scary, there's never been anyone who she felt the need to bring more fully into her married life like she has me. Her previous affairs have been for fun and adventure and she found something different with me. (along with the fun and adventure) It scares the hell out of me. I don't want to break a heart. I don't want to damage a family. I want to be true to myself. She insists that being with me is way better than not because I keep her far too busy to be out, as she puts it, "getting in trouble".

I won't see her for four days now but after last night, she won't be far from my mind. I hope by Monday I'll have perspective again.
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