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Originally Posted by GalaGirl View Post
If one cannot care for the poly partners they already have? Why be looking for MORE and spread self even thinner? That is poor time management and poor relationship tending to me.

Oh, I very much agree with you! I was misreading yours (and it wasn't just you, it was others that I've seen this with, as well, or I wouldn't have brought it up). I don't think anyone should overextend themselves. And if a relationship is going through a rough patch? I'd say all involved in that particular dynamic (not necessarily the entire polyship) should stop, regardless if they're asked or not. But especially if they are asked.

I'm not a particular fan of actively seeking out new partners, anyway. I'll do it, but I'm convinced at this point nothing serious will happen from that approach. Not because I'm opposed, but I've never had one work out (OKC dates, for example). The only ones that have worked are people I meet organically, who are a part of my life, and who I want to bring into my life in a more intimate relationship.

Now, question, what if I agreed to stop seeking out dates, but I started developing a strong friendship with someone that I saw as potentially going further? Assuming this was during our agreed upon break. How would you treat that situation?

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