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Default Taking a Break

I'm curious, and please don't be offended. I simply want to hear reasonings for the following:

I've often seen advice given to people struggling with poly to "take a break from dating and focus on your relationship." Why would one feel the need for your partner to stop dating/stop looking/temporarily take a break from any "outside" partners (personally, I hate thinking of ANY person in a relationship being on the "outside", but that's a whole other rant, so please don't clutter this thread up with that)

Isn't it possible to work on developing any one of your current relationships, while not neglecting your others? Same as if they had a hobby or work commitments....or anything else that took them away from you.

One of the reasons I ask, is I'm thinking about asking a partner to really focus on another one of her relationships. By which I mean, do all those things people suggested....go on dates, instead of just spending a night in, take a cooking class, do something spontaneous and romantic, whatever. But I'd be pretty upset if she totally forgot about me while doing this
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