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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
Dinged has had a bad experience with his wife being in a BDSM relationship, and their daughter reading some stuff her mom left open on her computer. He's bitter, still! All his posts are bitter, tinged by this brush with poly/BDSM.
Oh, shucks.
YES.... yes was a big expensive ah shucks ... ...gosh darn it. Hope you dont have kids ...and if you do I sincere hope they dont see/ read the same kinds of things my kid did.

Originally Posted by dingedheart View Post
I stumbled upon this a few days ago ...

When this kid grows up do you think this could be therapy for him ?
What would be your motivation for posting that in this thread other than to provoke an emotive reaction during a discussion? Some people abused their kid. They had a kinky relationship. So? Plenty of other women have been complicit in their child's abuse in the absence of a kink based relationship. It has absolutely no bearing on the discussion at all.
My motivation. Ever read something and it made you wonder. After reading the article it Made me think how did the parents get involved in master/slave relationship? The irony if they were executing some sort of self therapy from past abuse . Ive heard that it is cyclical. So in 15 yrs we might be looking at therapy from the therapy. And what roll do you think will be more therapeutic ? Tied down and blindfolded...or the Master ?

After having BDSM crash into my life (family ) it has been alleged (now) that my wife was molested/raped as a young girl by one or more of her mom's "Bf's ". Professionals associated with case say that a cross wiring occurred at that time making such activities attractive. My wife has yet to claim she was consciously using it as a therapy for past abuse. And I wonder if they are trying to incorporating it now as part of a treatment plan.

I've been told (not by her so I tend to believe ) that she has reoccurring nightmares of being blindfolded and ordered to do all the humiliating stuff that she and her bf wrote about ...photographed/videoed ...and at the end of the secession she takes off the blindfold and our kids....her dead father ... brothers .(dead and alive ) ..sisters are there watching.

From the context of other remarks I think the person telling me was trying to illustrate how torture her sleep cycle had become. My thought was nightmare ...or a bigger humiliating fantasy ? And if it truly is a nightmare what kind "kink " therapy ....would help.

Another question the rolls around in my head ... are my kids going to seek this kind of therapy.

Last year I got called into the high school because of my daughter reaction to English class program on rape and date rape ....They thought she was raped ....they knew something was very wrong ...and I got blindsided again.

And how does the answer to that question have any bearing on whether BDSM can ever be therapeutic?
I didn't know the discussion was about "ever" So this is like the seat belt stories ....if I'd been wearing my seat belt I'd be dead ?

Because BDSM and sexual abuse/paedophilia have no correlation
What is the basis for this statement ? Are you saying as a cause ?....I would agree. But clearly there are plenty of people that have past abuse issues to make a correlation.

I think it's a fact abuse happens with in .... ..

Mags :
He's bitter, still! All his posts are bitter, tinged by this brush with poly/BDSM.
Thank you for your kind critique ....and insulting attack. Aren't there rules on attacking members ?
All my posts ..... wow that seems a bit unfair .... are still thinking about that mothers day gift thing

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Originally Posted by WhatHappened View Post
Whatever his motivation, I think it's a fair question to ask: if people are using BDSM as therapy, then from what kind of abuse? Do victims of sexual abuse use BDSM as therapy to recover from sexual abuse? From childhood sexual abuse specifically?
Yes. My gf's ex and she used to roleplay Daddy/daughter back when my gf was still presenting as male. It was her gf's idea to play this. However, she was finally triggered to uncover some deeply buried memories of being abused by her father, and then she sought help through meds and therapy. So, BDSM play and traditional therapy can work together. I am not proposing one is superior to another.
So he/she didnt use it as therapy ....but accidental discovered it.

Because BDSM and sexual abuse/paedophilia have no correlation
see above ^

simulating incest .....being totally controlled and fucked by " mommy " or "daddy " ... being a father ...having been called daddy dad I dont get it....I find it creepy. But thats just me each their own
I guess the age differences in the play partners might make a difference. Mags what is the age difference between you and miss pixie?

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