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Default Spiritually Mixed (Pagan to Non-Pagan) Married Poly?

My wife and I have enjoyed our marriage despite a few challenges. One of the more significant ones being our spiritually mixed marriage. She has been a practicing Pagan for the at least twenty years now having begun in Wicca, turned to Norse Heathenism and now meets with a Druid Grove largely because they can accommodate her Norse faith into their largely Celtic events and her fellow Heathens are now at a large distance.

While I’ve attended a few of her events, I am not a Pagan so have limited my involvement to observing and respectfully asking questions. One of our gaps that she’s identified in our relationship and hopes to fill in seeking another man in poly would be to experience these events not only with her friends, but with a Pagan lover. She did tell me that as a young Wicca practitioner, she had a profound experience in her first and only actual great rite, but has limited herself to symbolic ones since because we became engaged.

Since my own Spiritual path has become effectively solitary (and is difficult for me to label or easily express), it is difficult for me to comprehend how significant it is for her to experience her’s with not just friends but an actual lover and wonder if anyone could comment on as she’s struggled to convey this to me?

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