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Originally Posted by london View Post
Yesterday, I went for my usual NHS STD test and depo. I asked about having a HSV 1 + 2 Test and she went on a bit of a rant saying there is absolutely no point in having one and they only test women who have a partner with HSV during pregnancy if she has an outbreak and hasn't had one before or previously tested negative. I explained about the poly thing and that my partner's partner(s) may want to know and she said there is absolutely no need for them to know at all. If I ever did have an outbreak, or a partner did, just avoid sex at that time. She went on to say that people who do not have HSV 1 and/or 2 are no the ones who are abnormal and if they can't understand why testing positive for herpes isn't very important, then they probably aren't the type of people I want to spend much time with because the people who still feel they need to know after having the science explained to them usually just want to discriminate against people who test positive. I was just like.. "okay".
Doctors should listen to us. But your doctor's rant was accurate. HSV doesn't kill people. The only time it is dangerous is to an infant being born through a vaginal birth. It is basically an unpleasant skin condition. That said, I understand people don't want to get it if they don't have it currently. And I think people should disclose to possible partners. But the stigma is all outsized to the actual health issues.
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