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Originally Posted by Dagferi View Post
The last 2 days Butch has been off of work. Tried to spend some quality time with him. Of course he had to ruin things by bringing up CNET and chasity. He went so far as to ambush me with a pic from Fetlife on his smart phone. It just killed any good feelings I was having. He complains he gets no quality with me yet when I try he ruins it. The resentment I feel just ebbs to flow right back in again.
He obviously has a different idea of what quality time is than you do. Perhaps the next time he complains that he has no quality time with you, ask him what he means by that and what he would want to do during that time. What does quality time and connecting with you mean for him? Maybe, since he knows you won't participate in kink, he hopes you could just talk about it with him? Are you against that as well?
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