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Wow. Can I just say again that sexy times with M are just SO incredible? We came back to my house after not winning trivia and decided we were way too tired to fool around, and we'd just snuggle. This also made sense since even though my period was on its last legs, I still was uh, brownish up there. So we snuggled, got comfortable, made out and then just let the dam burst and had sex until 2 am. No penetration, but crazy awesome feel good fun times. I believe that is the official name, no?

Then again this morning, where I woke him up, couldn't stop myself and just climbed on. The emotional sharing and love I feel for him is just as intense as the orgasms. I could watch him watching me for hours.

Tomorrow I was planning on seeing him for a couple hours while my daughter was at a laser tag birthday party, but plans have been in flux again. I am going to see him a wee bit earlier, and we are going to go to a 24 hour WarMachine event. I am already exhausted, so after I finish writing this I am going to crash hard.

My hubby and I had a romantic date tonight at a new cafe - we ate al fresco since it was such a beautiful night. Then we went to Starbucks and talked for about an hour. It was nice to reconnect with him after such a busy day today.

Tomorrow plans to be just as nuts - I am hoping to sleep in until 8, shower and then do a crap ton of errands, before teaching Chemistry. Then more errands and time with M at the WarMachine Event.

Sunday I will probably sleep most of the day!
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