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Default Happy Post!

Home sweet home. I have never been so happy to see my home. I could not be better if I wanted to be. I will post more later.

I cannot explain the way DH was looking at me at the airport, but the looks shared between us said it all, honey. The "I missed you's" were felt. I could have held on to him forever. If we had been at home, that kiss would have been the start of something passionate and intense. The connection we have still makes my heart beat faster.

I am very reserved about certain things like love. I have talked about the bad, the lows, the moments of pain and sadness that became all too familiar, but I have yet to touch on the emotional highs of this new chapter.

I love my man with every fibre of my being. His love is intoxicating, and it fills me up and gives me everything I need. I cannot begin to explain what his love means to me. It is the way he says my name. It is something in the way he holds me. It is the way he kisses me and touches me without ever physically laying a hand on me. It is the way his love surrounds me and protects me when I am with him or far away from him. It is something in the way he believes in me and sees the good in me even when I fuck up. It is all in the way he loves me with his whole heart.

This is everything I always had but never knew I needed and once took for granted. We have been through some tough shit recently, and some way and somehow, he found it in his soul and heart to give our love and marriage a fighting chance. I have no idea how I took this for granted, but damn. I have been missing out. I was oblivious to the obvious of what I had right in front of me.

Enough about that. I am already grinning like a Cheshire, and my cheeks hurt.

I am snuggling up with my little duckie and taking it easy for now. It is too pretty of a day to sit inside. Plus, I slept for 11/15 hours on the flight. I will unpack over the weekend. Duckie #2 and I have a charity event to attend from 11-2. DH and duckie #1 are gone to a children's detective's day and attending a Little Mermaid tea at 12, I believe.

We have counselling and a date tonight, so we will get some face-to-face QT time in tonight. Our communication has come a long way. I am proud of us. I am very much looking forward to tonight.

I hope everyone is doing well.
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