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Much less stressed relationship wise. Seven and I have been trying now for a month to at the very least connect with each other via text or FB messages and have face to face time a couple of times a week to see how each of us are doing and talk about our future together.

There have been a couple of faux paus on our parts. One day when I was hitting a breaking point of monetary stressors (lets just say I have more expenses, essential, than income that I had to figure out) he ended up kissing me and telling me to be at ease and safe with him. Then a couple of days ago, I gave him a hug good night which then resulted in about a half hour of power exchange between the two of us. Both of us really want to still be affectionate with each other, hold off on it because it hurts, and then if something happens it gets a little out of control.

Our most recent conversation dealt with me telling him earlier what my needs/wants I have realized during this break are.

Need 1) for our day to be switched back to a day both of us are off work so we can actually have time to let our relationship develop and grow. Having it only during the week by the time I would pick him up from work and we would be done cleaning up from dinner there would be maybe an hour or two before we would need to go to bed in order to connect. No opportunities to go out on a date or just be silly and that made me feel like a toy.

Want 1) when I first tried to mention this to him in early May he had stated that the only reason the two of us only had one day was because when we started dating he was also seeing Peaseblossum and didn't have the time to give more. Now that he was only with me and Lamian he didn't see why we couldn't have two days. So my want was for us to go back to a day that we were both off AND still keep our Wednesdays.

Need 2) both of us need the power exchange dynamic. It wasn't something either of us had been looking for or expected to need as much as we do but it turned out that way. However, I know that Lamian has a lot of discomfort regarding that (including what her place is in Seven's life if that is such a need of his and one that I fill because she can't) so my recommendation is that when we get back together start at her comfort line of just kinky sex with check ins ever other month until we can be at Woodsmith's limit (as long as it isn't something he has to see).

After telling him about them I asked to make sure I wasn't asking too much of him. His reply was that he wanted to be able to give me more than what I was asking but that time (particularly on his days off) is limited. Right now he and Lamian have some serious shit to take care of (and not even trying to figure out what the two of them get from each other) but once their drama dies down a bit he's going to talk to her about the fact that he's needing to be back with me so we can start things back up.

I'm curious what next week is going to bring. Lamian is going up to New York to work NYCC and I don't know how well he and I will be at keeping ourselves under control when the only other person here is one who has no problems (and hasn't ever) with our relationship.
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