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Ry.... Thank you for your kind words. I read your blog too. You and your family and how far you all have come after so much is heart warming.

Vicki.. Butch is more than free to seek out fulfillment where ever he can find it. I have given my blessing given some ideas to explore. What he does with it is up to him.

The last 2 days Butch has been off of work. Tried to spend some quality time with him. Of course he had to ruin things by bringing up CNET and chasity. He went so far as to ambush me with a pic from Fetlife on his smart phone. It just killed any good feelings I was having. He complains he gets no quality with me yet when I try he ruins it. The resentment I feel just ebbs to flow right back in again.

This weekend the kids and I are , are very excited that the"blue car"at Murf's. The boys are excited. It is the end of car show season and the 1972 Camaro is finally back on the road. I would rather take the 55 Chevy but Murf loves the Camaro so it gets to go. It is his drag racing car. I have spent the last 6 months helping get the money together to rebuild this car. Nothing makes me happier than to see the smile on his face when we take the Camaro out. It was his first car and he still has it over 20 years later.

I have been enjoying my new job. I really love working in veterinary medicine. I missed it. I love working as R's assistant too. He has been my best friend for 20yes. The language barrier is hard sometimes along with the time difference. But I get the job done. Hoping they do a us tour next. I only got to do a few limited East coast showlast time. My Health better Co operate for next summer.
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