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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
Wow! You're ability to read innacurately into my comments rivals my ability to read into yours LOL!

I never made that claim did I? Feel free to quote me where I did if you wish to make your point valid. Sticking to black and white would serve better in making your response more logical than emotional.
Who are "the good ones" then? You said this:

Yes, it's a shame we lost some good ones.
Now whether it was your intent or not, to say *some* good ones implies that there were others that were lost that were *not* good ones in your view. Since you've requested logic in this and I generally approach most of what I say here pretty logically, implications are very clear lines of logical reasoning and do not involve "reading into" anything. I'm curious as to what standard applies in that situation, because I can definitely say that there are some good ones that have left because of what they saw as a hostile environment created by you.

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