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Redpepper, there's always a certain burst of euphoria with anything new that occurs in our lives. A new car, new job, or, when I was younger, the smell of a new baseball glove.......ahhhhhh, didn't get any better than that.....and took a whole year to fade into that smelly, sweaty old leather smell! I guess we could term those events or smells as just "new energy" events as opposed to "NRE" where of course the emphasis is on the "R" for relationship.

My wife is a little put off by what she perceives to be this "new love". I don't think she's done enough reading to know about NRE, although I've touched on it. Isn't it normal (I hate to use that word) for anyone to be enamored with something new in our society? Don't we really want to hop in our new blue car because it's so different than our old red one? Shouldn't one of our friends tell us when that new blue car is dangerous or a lemon? Just thinking.....
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