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It's been an age since I've updated. I still lurk quite a bit though.

Q and Miss M are still happy and seeing each other 3 times a week, one of those being an overnight. They get extra time together here and there. Things between the three of us are good. My birthday was this weekend and we went to a waterpark with a bunch of friends. The night ended with Q, Miss M, me and a guy I've been out with twice, and it was good. Normal (as normal as we get anyway!).

In my dating life, I've actually been on a second date! First time since joining OKC. He's a very nice guy and we have great conversations. Nothing physical has happened, but we enjoy hanging out and talking away. He has a fiancee and seems happy with her, though we've yet to meet. He came to my birthday party and Q likes him too, which is a plus.

Not sure when we'd see each other if we became a regular thing. Loki's only gone every Friday and every other Saturday nights. My mother-in-law has been complaining that she never sees him, so maybe I can give her grandma time once a week. Anyway, not worried about that. Trying not to have any expectations of anything here.

Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Look into getting yourself a Google Voice Number. Everyone who does online dating should have one. You give the Google number out instead of your real one, and you can have it forward to any phones you want. It keeps you anonymous, you can easily block people on the Google Voice site, and it doesn't allow for pictures to be sent!
Excellent idea, thanks!
Me: 30yo wife
Q: 29yo husband of 5 years
(The Divine) Miss M: 27yo mutual friend, GF of Q just recently
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