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I like what GalaGirl said, and the question of what you're doing when your husband and his girlfriend are out. What is it you wish you could be doing at that time?

Originally Posted by Krisdance86 View Post
So, I am very happy with my husband, but starting to feel lonely, especially during the times he is with his girlfriend and I am home alone.

Has anyone else been in this type of situation? Where your primary partner and all your friends have multiple relationship and you only have your one primary? How do/did you deal with these feelings of loneliness and inadequacy?
Based on your question, it sounds more like an existential issue than a momentary one. You feel lonely when he's out, but your questions are about the structure of his life. He's out with a deeply interwoven web of people. You, on the other hand, are not part of that. You are poly, but don't have the web.

That doesn't make you inadequate! It means you haven't found the right person(s), yet. Since when does that mean you're inadequate? (Hmmm, perhaps everyone ELSE is inadequate )

But you do feel lonely. Which sucks. What would you like to be doing, that would help you feel less lonely?

Another way to ask the question might be, are you jealous of what your husband has and wish he would stop it, or are you envious of what he has and wish you could have it, too?
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