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Originally Posted by MonoVCPHG View Post
I haven't even opened up the link so we're good! What's CF stand for?

No, I didn't mean "enemies" as in people from this site. I meant "enemies" as in Joreth's LJ fans/friends.

I suppose I could blog about "oppression" and "censorship" every time I have a post deleted by the mods over at But I recognize that they are doing the job they signed up to do... Although the owner of that forum maintains a presence which Olivier does not do here, but that's just a detail and does not change the reality that we as moderators are not here to provide customer service to members of the forum.

"CF" stands for "child-free" and refers to someone who has made a conscious choice to not become a parent. It is a way of making a distinction from "childLESS" which refers to people who want to be parents but for whatever reason do not do so.

Originally Posted by Ceoli View Post
I am often disappointed by the culture of this forum, which seems to view disagreements as attacks and seems to hold a high double standard for what is hostile or not.
I would have "squelched" any post that said "fuck you" to someone. And I would handle this situation exactly the same way if I had to do it all over again.

Some things are subjective and one person's passive-aggressive can be another person's dry sense of humor. I don't see what there is to gain by saying that to someone other than to get them to say "fuck you" back.

I've never seen you say "fuck you" to anybody on this forum and you manage quite well. It's this little thing called "self-control". Some people have it, some don't.

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