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Hello, first off there are others here in michigan in the poly life....We are currently in a poly v with my wife as the "hinge" between myself and J, He is a man we grew up with and have a history with. Been living together since last april and for the most part it is going very I can tell you it does work. Hopefully you will find what your looking for and can have as happy of a life as we currently are together. We are quite a bit older then you are, all are in our late 40's so at this point for us having a family is not an issure for us as we already all have children. We have talked about bringing in another female however it seems to be impossibile to find but we will continue to look and if it happens it does and if not we will enjoy what we have. I am sure at the young age of 29 your not We would love to chat though and can help eachother through the journey if you like. We can tell you problems will crop up but they can be worked through if all are willing and the rewards are many. Good luck and happy hunting, your not alone..
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