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Default Coming out?

I'd like to see if anybody has a particular style for how to come out as polyamorous to potential lovers?

I'm extremely interested in an old friend. He's coming to visit my current country in a few weeks and I not only have just a limited window to see if we can hit it off but I also have to "come out" as ethically nonmonogamous. The lovers I left behind when I immigrated have my complete support, and I know that they deserve recognition because they 've been a monumental part of my life. My experience in the past has been that lot of friends are willing to understand and support my life decisions but it's a completely different thing asking someone if they'd consider an ethically non-monogamous lifestyle. It took a lot of personal research and decision making to come to my own conclusion; I didn't have any poly friends or lovers to converse with so I don't have an idea of what I would want to tell someone I am interested in.
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