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Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
I brought it up in the poly group here (before I left the group) and no one else was aware at all. Several went asking after I brought it up-and were horrified to find out that all of this time-they THOUGHT they were being tested for "everything" because that is what they asked for. But-they weren't.

Most people-haven't a clue.
Well, umm... wouldn't they have found out when they got the results? It's all spelled out, so if they don't see a test for HSV on the print-out, then... you know, logically, there was no test for it.

I don't get it. How could people think they were tested for something that they weren't? Don't the docs go over the results with them? And doesn't everyone ask for a hard copy nowadays, to see all the test results in black & white? If they're not doing that, do they just expect their new potential lovers to take them at their word what their test results were?

I'm stymied here.
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