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Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
That's true, but there's nothing wrong with starting a new thread either.

I would say there might be something wrong with a person who feels the need to argue every thread they post on (not aimed at you-just pointing out the thought).
I never said there was anything wrong with starting a new thread on this topic - sure, sounds good to get various points of view on how relationships affect each other. However, it also sounded like the OP has been seeing so many argumentative threads here lately that he appeared to be saying that is all we have here or that this thread would be some sort of remedy for that, so I wondered if perhaps he hadn't found some of the wonderfully compassionate, funny, uplifting, and joyful threads (where there are no arguments) that already exist here.

We have a Golden Nuggets forum for a reason, and there's "nothing wrong" with directing people to it.
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