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I asked about all of them and after finding out from our personal dr that it wasn't the "norm" to test for any but those three (he was happy to do the tests but was educating me per my curiosity and he also knows we are poly)-I went researching.

I am still so offended over it. LOL

But-it is the norm for Alaska to only test for those three unless someone specifically requests to be tested for something else specific. You can go in and ask for HIV testing anywhere.
But-herpes tests are a BITCH to get. Especially if you want insurance to cover it or need to go to the sliding fee-scale clinics. They flat don't do them.

It's disturbing.

I brought it up in the poly group here (before I left the group) and no one else was aware at all. Several went asking after I brought it up-and were horrified to find out that all of this time-they THOUGHT they were being tested for "everything" because that is what they asked for. But-they weren't.

Most people-haven't a clue.
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