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Default Social Butterfly Swept Away by Tsunami much has happened since my last post I forget where I even am in the story...we got off on the BDSM tangent.

I'll have to fill out the details later but...long story slightly shorter: Dude seems to have found himself a girlfriend. We'll call her Lotus. AND...she is awesome! Married, Bi, Poly and just my age (and SO sexy).

Longer Version: He had been txting/writing to her while talking to the first two girls on OKC. They have several interests in common (which I don't share, but MrS does) and we ALL have other interests in common.

First Date - Their first "date" was a little different in that it was a group thing - Me, MrS, Dude, her, and a (male/partnered/mono) friend of Dude's from previous posts (his girlfriend couldn't come). We all went to dinner, concert, out for snacks, and then to her place to talk long into the night (her hubs was asleep). They didn't even kiss but lots of dancing, touching, sitting close. Both agreed that there was enough interest there to get together again.

Second Date - ALSO not solo. This time just the four of us for dinner and out for drinks after. Interestingly enough, I ended up meeting her mom and she met my parents as we collected everyone for dinner. (We teased Dude that he'll have to just let my parents be his "stand-ins" since he doesn't talk to his own.)

Third Date - STILL not solo. Another concert, this time with the four of us and her husband, who we will call TT. Dinner, concert, then back to their place. MrS ended up crashing but the rest of us ended up drinking, playing and fooling around and ... etc. etc. She and I ended up talking and bonding - no issues there.

...unfortunately at this point Dude (who has no filter) tried to start a conversation at, what I felt, was an inappropriate time (i.e. everyone worked up, excited, mostly drunk, not clear headed...more later) and we ended up having a huge disagreement (at least on MY side - he was clueless about how upset I actually was, long story).

Anyway - after the Third Date, MrS and I ended up going home and Dude stayed at Lotus/TT's house for the next day or so...(yes, sex happened)

Dude came home and we worked our stuff out (Thank God!)...over a couple of conversations.

Anyway, Fourth Date - this one actually solo - TT being out of town. Dude went up to Lotus's house Sunday afternoon and stayed through today.


Obviously , this is really early in the game but four "dates" in 4 weeks with 2 sleepovers and everyone doing fine seems ... good.

She and I seem to be developing a flirty-friend/FWB dynamic while both really interested in seeing how things develop between her and Dude as the main focus. They both say that, basically, they are interested in finding an OSO for a LTR, neither seems interested in casual dating once they are poly-saturated.

She and MrS get along just fine (OKC rates them the highest match actually - she's 99% with MrS, 97% with me and 96% with Dude - another source of teasing.)

I'm curious as to how her husband feels about the dynamics developing....he's the hardest for me to read and I don't know much about the history there yet. I'm happy to play with him as part of a group thing (I'm fine with casual fun sexy times) but don't see that developing into anything.


On a side note, she also happens to be a Pro-Domme. Given the recent conversation here I feel like I now have an "in" to explore and ask questions on a personal level. I find it funny that I am intrigued by the whole "kinky" scene just because of my exposure via poly and Dude ends up dating a Pro-Domme randomly. (Despite living in a BDSM "house" for a while he doesn't ID as kinky either - but has had much more exposure than I have...hence the earlier conversation/confusion.


This is probably too long and incoherent...but I wanted to give you all an update. I haven't been posting much because life has been INTERESTING!

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