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Originally Posted by Alleycat View Post
Sounds intersting but also like a huge risk of dropping oneself on the head.

If you have access to a gym with a proper stock of weights and racks (bench, and squat rack ..... you'd never belive how many "gyms" do not have an actual squat rack). Try wendlers 5/3/1 workout.

It's simple, it's very low risk for injury, and it gets results.
I've always been a climbing monkey-like individual my whole life even as a kid, as I got older I started climbing buildings and walls among other things with no formal training with little to no difficulty at all.~

I am aware of the risk, but I try to be as careful as I can be with what I have access to.~

No offense, but I dislike Gyms, they're too stuffy and I much more prefer to work out outside than inside.~

Some thing about the air and openness really gives me energy!~ ^_^

^^Check out my previous post again, I'm adding steps to work your way up to my exercises.~^^

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