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Originally Posted by kdt26417 View Post

Aww, I'm pretty indifferent about my facial hair. Especially since the lady handles all the trimming arrangements. All I have to do is go along for the ride.

I will say that when I got off my (LDS/Mormon) mission many a moons ago, after almost two years of (literally) religious shaving and trimming, I made a stubborn point to let that hair grow naturally for quite awhile. My mom was rather opposed to that, which built up to quite a source of friction after awhile. Good Latter-day Saints shave.

I've been out of the church for more than a decade, so I guess that friction has finally worn away. In my large collection of years lived so far, I've sported every kind of facial look one can imagine (include a few perty shaggy looks). Guess I got all those expressions out of my system ... so now I'm all complacent and stuff. My loss? Nah. Short hair is convenient. And I'm still too scruffy to be a good Latter-day Saint.

Back in the days when I was managing my own hair-cutting, I'd let it grow and grow and finally take it all off at once. So I'd be basically bald for awhile, then eventually get all shaggy again.


Aww, I don't hate my spidery hairs (If I did I'd be much more obsessive about removing them, such as by waxing), I just find them mildly annoying and would use a magic wand on them if I had one.

Certainly doesn't keep me up at night. I'm okay with accepting that humans have evolved to be furry creatures, I just have a "friendly competition" going with some of my own hairs. I'll pluck a dozen or so here and there, and take satisfaction at the results after several months. After all, I have to have something to go "grrr" at.

Now for those who like to grow their fur, I say godspeed. It's diversity at a small cost, which I think is worth it.
Thank you, Kevin.~ You are the most kindest and understanding person I have ever met!~ ^_^ I can see why your lover(s) fell in love you!~ ;3
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